So, not the easiest piece to write but here goes....
Yesterday, Friday 19th July, was Bar Battu's last day. Ironically, it was the end of a busy week. So what led to this decision?
We opened in October 2010 wanting to serve simple, well cooked food with mostly natural wines. Mainly, we were warmly welcomed but never quite as popular in the City as we had hoped to be. Financially, we were not unsuccessful but never really quite successful enough. We developed a strong, loyal following who loved what we did but then, as sometimes happens in business, there was an unsolicited approach to sell.
The very nice guys from B@1 loved our premises and location and really believed they could bring a bit of their cocktail bar magic to the City. We agreed a price, shook hands and they'll be open very soon.
So, have we deserted the City? Well, no. We own another restaurant nearby that you might have heard of called Luc's Brasserie. It's in Leadenhall Market, not too far away. Please come and see us and if you liked Bar Battu, please let us know by commenting on this post.
So, thank you to all who supported us and we really do hope to see you very soon at Luc's.


Will Salomone
13/08/2012 04:17

A very sad day, goodbye to the best wine bar in the City. (From the man who almost always ordered the Faugeres Clos Fantins)

Simon Binder
13/08/2012 04:47

Thank you, it's nice to hear from our loyal friends. Sadly, you were in a minority in the City.
However, call Michelle at Luc's Brasserie and tell her about your liking for Faugeres. I suspect she'll have it waiting when you visit Luc's.
Thanks again for the nice comments.

13/08/2012 23:42

Incredibly sad to see you go. You were my absolute favourite place in the City - great food, brilliant wine list and, most importantly, cosy, quiet and friendly atmosphere where I could actually talk to my friends. Be@One, sadly, epitomises everything I hate about City bars...
Your Beaujoulais Village was outstanding. Wishing you the best of luck.

Simon Binder
14/08/2012 11:22

Thanks, your comments really are appreciated. We worked hard but sadly, folks like you are a minority in the City. Please come and see us at Luc's, you'll see one or two familiar faces and some of your favourite wines too.
By the way, give B@1 a chance. They are really nice people and they'll do a great job. Different, but still great.

Justin Cormack
21/08/2012 08:50

Sorry to hear that. Was just going to come over today...

Simon Binder
22/08/2012 09:36

Hi Justin, sorry, we missed you! Perhaps next time you'll come and see us at Luc's Brasserie. We're 5mins away in Leadenhall Market.

23/08/2012 01:47

Very dissapointed - just went on your website to try and book a table for lunch with a client even though I recently moved out of the area. Your venue has consistently impressed on such occasions and will be missed. I can't say that I will make the effort to visit B@1 but I will certainly check out Luc's. All the best.

Simon Binder
30/08/2012 02:03

Thank you and of course, I'm sorry you were disappointed. However, I promise you will be made very welcome at Luc's.

Jon Wilkins
30/08/2012 01:07

Just come back from the Summer and very sad to See Bar Battu gone. The food wasa always good, and the greeting was always friendly. Will be heading up to Leadenahll Market soon.

Simon Binder
30/08/2012 02:05

Thank you Jon for your very kind comments. We'll be looking forward to seeing you at Luc's.

charles light
31/08/2012 02:30

Been there a couple of times. Always good to visit a different place serving unusual wines. Wish more people had supported you, it is so *boring* how generic most city bars and pubs are. Will definitely try Luc's.

Simon Binder
31/08/2012 09:03

Thank you Charles, I agree, the City clientele is not too adventurous. But nonetheless we'll look forward to seeing you at Luc's.

Petra Kopf
31/08/2012 03:48

One of my highlights in the City is gone - very sad indeed! Only found out as I was trying to get the latest menu - it is still on the Time Out page.
See you at Luc's.

Simon Binder
31/08/2012 09:05

Petra, so nice that we were one of your highlights. These positive comments really help to let us down a little more gently. See you at Luc's.

02/09/2012 08:03

Just tried to book a table. Gutted you are closed. The wine selection and the food was always excellent. My favourite place in the city.

John Elliott
17/09/2012 08:28

Loved this place - really sad it's closed!

Jeanne @ Cooksister
25/09/2012 16:31

Matthew McCarthy
27/09/2012 03:09

This is a great shame, I'll miss the ambience great customer service and of course - the delicious blood sausage. The best of luck to all of your staff in their future endeavours. Matt

27/09/2012 04:21

It is very bad news . I love this place but it is now closed. I miss it

27/09/2012 10:40

Sad day when I found out, unfortunately due to work changes we hadn't been in there as frequently in the last 6months - came back 2 weeks ago and was shocked! Best bar, food, staff and wine selection ever. Defo coming to the brasserie!!!!

shelene Newton
15/11/2012 07:14

Very sad you guys are gone. I have had so many nice meals and lovely wines there....

James L
11/01/2013 05:03

Sad :( it was my favourite City bar too... I'm the mayor on Foursquare. Guess I always will be now!

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