Oh dear, what a day.
Wednesday evening we noticed that there was a slight plumbing problem, one of the loos seemed slow to drain. We called the plumber (Plumber #1) who kind of fixed it but said he would need to come back on Thursday. Within the hour we had a major leak and needed the serious aid of a blocked drain specialist (BDS). He arrived at 9pm. By 2am the problem was still not fixed. 9am on Friday Plumber #1 returns and fixes the pipe that BDS had punctured whilst trying to clear the blockage. 11am Plumber #1 had fixed the broken pipe but we soon found out, not the blockage. Midday, we opened for lunch with water pouring down the walls (and a slight odour) and a chain gang of volunteers emptying buckets. First customers arrive, not a word (so British), straight upstairs for lunch. We fill the upstairs, everyone happy, hardly anyone mentions the crisis they walked past on the way in. It's Dunkirk once more. 2:30pm BDS returns to collect payment from previous night. Realising problem wasn't fixed, grunts about Plumber #1 then gets out the machines. Pulls up his truck outside, huge hoses running in and out of the restaurant, customers leaving (thank you so much, lovely) water everywhere. Parking Warden immediately grasped the gravity of the situation and stuck a ticket on BDS's van. BDS takes an hour to clear the blockage, at 4:30pm he leaves, 5pm we're open again and the first customers of the evening arrive. Normality resumes.