'Well, as we approach our first anniversary, we thought that we would do a little research amongst friends and customers to see how we're doing. The results of our rather unscientific enquiries were (blush) often complimentary  but we're not going to rest on our laurels so.... Here's what we've done:
  • We have a new Website! Of course, you know that, you're on it but here's a little background. We didn't dislike our old site, quite the contrary in fact but you told us that it was hard to navigate. Put simply, the aesthetics were good but the mechanics were not. So the new site is much simpler and, as it's entirely 'homemade' it will be easier to update on a regular basis. Well, that's the plan anyway.
  • We have a new Wine List. This is a funny one because we are always changing our list but this time it's really new. One of the issues with 'Natural Wine' is that it is made by eccentrics in tiny quantities. So that makes it really difficult to be cheap. You told us that sometimes you want an easy drinking bottle around the £20 mark. The new list has lots of those. So, we are still championing the small producer but we've spread the net to include the New World and a greater spread of less whacky wines. 
  • It's almost Christmas. Well, not really but if you haven't booked that lunch/dinner/drinks you should get on it straight away. Take a look at our Christmas Page then get in touch so we can make the arrangements.

Having done our little bit of research, we were pleased with the results but love to get your feedback. Please tell us what you think.