So, not the easiest piece to write but here goes....
Yesterday, Friday 19th July, was Bar Battu's last day. Ironically, it was the end of a busy week. So what led to this decision?
We opened in October 2010 wanting to serve simple, well cooked food with mostly natural wines. Mainly, we were warmly welcomed but never quite as popular in the City as we had hoped to be. Financially, we were not unsuccessful but never really quite successful enough. We developed a strong, loyal following who loved what we did but then, as sometimes happens in business, there was an unsolicited approach to sell.
The very nice guys from B@1 loved our premises and location and really believed they could bring a bit of their cocktail bar magic to the City. We agreed a price, shook hands and they'll be open very soon.
So, have we deserted the City? Well, no. We own another restaurant nearby that you might have heard of called Luc's Brasserie. It's in Leadenhall Market, not too far away. Please come and see us and if you liked Bar Battu, please let us know by commenting on this post.
So, thank you to all who supported us and we really do hope to see you very soon at Luc's.